A fully-featured Magic the Gathering card fetcher.

What is this?

Sad Robot is a chat bot that can help you and your friends look up Magic cards from the comfort of your chat app.

In addition to looking up cards by name, Sad Robot also supports full Scryfall query syntax, useful for those times when you're not quite sure what that card was named, but you remember what it does ({{o:"player has exactly 10 life"}}), or when your group is curious if there's ever been a card with both Cycling and Madness ({{o:cycling o:madness}}).


Install the application to your workspace by clicking the button below, then invite Sad Robot to a channel or direct message. Posting a message in the format of [[Card Name]] or {{Scryfall Query}} will prompt Sad Robot to fetch an image of the corresponding card.

Appending a :command to the end of a request, such as [[Lightning Bolt]]:art, allows some control over what the fetcher returns. Valid commands include :oracle (fetch just the Oracle text for this card), :reserved (this card's status on the reserved list), :price (current card prices across printings), :art (art crop for this card), :flavor (flavor text), and :legality (a summary of legalities in various MTG formats).

When using Scryfall queries a la {{query text}}, the first hit from Scryfall will be returned (sorted by EDHRec rating, at present, though this may become configurable in the future).

Chat App Support

At present Sad Robot only supports Slack. Discord support is planned for the future, with others vaguely being considered if there's great demand.